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Culinary Boot Camp

 8-week skill-building series for ages 11+


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Is your teen or tween ready to take it to the next level in the kitchen? In our NEW Culinary Boot Camps for ages 11 & up, students learn advanced cooking and baking techniques, knife skills, recipe execution and development, mise en place, kitchen safety, time-saving techniques and nutrition tips.

Each 8-week series is themed to mirror a skill set taught in culinary school. Through small group cooking stations, all students get the opportunity to practice skills and build confidence under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Kitchen experience is welcome but not required. NEW SERIES STARTS APRIL 7!



DOUGHS & PASTRIES  |  April 7 - May 26
Saturdays, 12:30-2:30pm  |  Wicker Park

Dive into the world of doughs and pastries! In this 8-week Boot Camp teens will get hands-on experience making and working with yeast doughs, sweet and savory pie crusts, drop and rolled cookies, crisps and cobblers. We’ll explore both the science and art of baking - learning not only how to read and execute recipes, but also how to adapt and alter them.

PRICE: $320 for 8-week series

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KNIFE SKILLS  |  April 7 - May 26
Saturdays, 12:00-2:00pm  |  Lakeview

Tap into your inner Iron Chef in our 8-week Knife Skills Boot Camp! Knowing how to safely and effectively wield a chef knife is an important life skill and the foundation of any culinary education. Teens will learn basic and advanced cuts and techniques, and have lots of opportunity to practice at individual stations under the supervision of our skilled instructors.

PRICE:  $320 for the 8-week series 



Registration is by series only (no single days). We regret that we cannot offer make-ups for missed days. Please note that Teen Boot Camp could be cancelled if we don't get sufficient enrollment. We would hate for that to happen though, so feel free to recruit friends!