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Summer Camp Info

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The best way to register for camp is through our online registration system. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your camp week(s)
  2. Set up an account (if you don't already have one)
  3. Add your camper as a participant in your account (if he/she is not already listed)
  4. Complete all registration info
  5. Submit payment

We do offer a sibling discount for siblings signed up for the same age group and week. When 2 or more siblings register in the same transaction, all siblings get 5% off. If you sign your 2nd or 3rd child up in a later transaction, the discount will not automatically be applied. If you give us a call, we can apply it for you over the phone.

If a week that you're interested in is full, you can add yourself to the wait list. If additional spots become available, we will offer them to families on the wait list based on the order in which they joined the wait list.

Please note that payment is due in full upon registration and is non-refundable. Schedule changes can be made prior to May 1, 2018 subject to availability. After May 1, we regret that we cannot make any schedule changes. No make-ups are offered for missed camp days.

Summer camp registrations are transferrable. If your plans change and you cannot attend, we can transfer your registration to a family member or friend, provided that they meet the age requirements and that you give us at least 1 week notice.

Please understand that our camps have a limited number of spots available, and we set aside a spot for your child when you register. We've done our best to craft this policy to be as flexible and fair to all our families as possible.


All campers must be able to go to the bathroom without any assistance in order to participate in our summer camps.

Each of our summer camps has an assigned age group. You are always welcome to have a child who is older than the maximum age join in the camp along with a younger sibling. We have to be much more strict when it comes to the minimum age restriction. We can sometimes make an exception for our regulars if it's a sibling situation and the younger sibling is just a few months shy of the minimum age. If you are in that situation, please contact us. Otherwise, we have to stand by our age restrictions to protect the camp experience for everyone.

Please be honest about your child's age in the registration process. Lying about your child's age (and yes, it has happened!) puts you, us and your child in an awkward position. If we discover that a camper's age was misrepresented in the registration process, we reserve the right to un-enroll the camper without refund. 


When registering your camper, please be sure to include any allergies, dietary or other restrictions (whether physical or emotional) that your child has that could be relevant to their participation in camp. If you have any concerns about whether our camps are a good fit for your family, please contact us prior to registering so we can address them with you.

Full Day and Foodie Adventure campers should always bring a water bottle. While camp does include snacks and meals, Full Day and Foodie Adventure campers are welcome to bring their own snack if they would like. Snacks must not require refrigeration, and must be vegetarian and nut-free (please read labels carefully to make sure packaged items do not contain peanuts or tree nuts). Please do not send any candy, chocolates or other sweets with your child to camp. 

If your child needs to take any medication during camp (whether prescription or over-the-counter), you must give the medication directly to The Kids' Table staff, along with written permission and instructions for administering the medication. All medications must be in the original container with Rx label, and must have the camper’s first and last name on it.

If your child is sick, please do not send them to camp. If a camper has a fever, vomits during camp or is noticeably unwell, we will contact you (or your emergency contact) to pick them up right away. To keep from spreading any illness to other campers, please keep your child home until they are symptom-free for 24 hours. 


Drop off for camp begins 15 minutes prior to the start of camp. New this year, we have an early drop off option beginning at 8:15am for Full Day camps and the Kids Foodie Adventure Camps. Please note that you must register for the early drop off option in advance and for the full week (not by individual day).

Please make sure your camper is on time. This is especially important for our full day camps. We frequently leave on field trips as early as 20 minutes into the camp day. Unfortunately, once the campers leave on the field trip, late campers cannot join in camp until after the field trip is over and the campers have returned to our space (and the late camper cannot wait for their group without parent/caregiver supervision). We've tried to accommodate late arrivals in the past, but have found it to be too chaotic and disruptive.

Pick up begins 15 minutes prior to the end of camp. If you need to pick up your child early, please let us know in advance (though we can't guarantee that the food they made in camp will be ready in time). We know that work, life and traffic are all crazy, but please be on time for camp pickup. If you are running more than 10 minutes late, please let us know. The first time you are more than 10 minutes late, we'll just give you a friendly reminder. After that, we'll charge you a $20 fee. Please understand that the end of camp is a busy time for our instructors as they are cleaning up from the day, setting up for the next, and eager to rest up in between!

New this year, we have an extended day option from 3:00-5:00pm for our Wicker Park Full Day Camps only.


We want The Kids' Table to be a positive learning environment and a fun, safe and welcoming atmosphere for all. We ask that all our campers respect their fellow campers and our instructors, follow the rules, respect our space, equipment and materials, and behave in a positive manner. Relevant rules may vary based on the equipment and materials we're using on any given day, and additional rules will apply when we go out on field trips both to ensure the safety of the campers and out of respect for the community and our field trip hosts. We will go over relevant rules and expectations with the campers each day, and review them as needed.

If a disciplinary issue arises, we will first address it by speaking with the camper. If the behavior continues, we will ask for your assistance in addressing the issue. If the disruptive, disrespectful or dangerous behavior continues still, we may need to unenroll your child from camp (and no refund would be issued). Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to physical aggression. Excluding a child from camp is never something that we want to do, but please understand that we need to protect the safety and camp experience of all the campers. 

Please disclose any situations or medical conditions that might impact your camper's participation and ability to follow these guidelines prior to registration so that we can discuss if our camp is a good fit for your family.

Campers are not allowed to have electronic devices during camp. Phones are permitted, but must be stowed away during camp and can only be used for communicating with a parent (if necessary) or taking photos of culinary creations at the end of the day.

If you have any questions or concerns about this safety and discipline policy, please contact us to discuss prior to registration (since registration fees are non-refundable).


All Full Day and Foodie Adventure campers go on daily field trips. Our field trips happen rain or shine, so please make sure to send a rain jacket with your child if necessary.

For Full Day campers, the field trip destination is usually the local park (with the occasional visit to a grocery store or neighborhood restaurant). For Foodie Adventure campers, field trips can take us all around the City of Chicago. We'll post a tentative field trip schedule by February 28. The week before your camp starts, we send out an email with a finalized field trip schedule. We travel by foot and by public transit. If your camper has their own CTA card, they are welcome to bring it along. Otherwise, we will provide CTA fare for all campers.

Kids can bring money on field trips, but it is by no means required or even encouraged. We try to emphasize the value of the experience over and above the value of anything that money can buy. If your child does make any purchases, we will ask your child to keep their goods packed away while at camp unless they are willing to share with their fellow campers.