The Kids' Table

Tots Cooking Classes

FOR 2-4 year olds


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Yes, your tot can cook! With the guidance of our chef instructors, our carefully selected cooking tools and a little help from you, kids get to chop, grate, mix and roll their way to delicious dishes. If you have a picky tot, you may be amazed at what they’ll eat when they make it themselves. Tots learn and practice cooking skills, engage all their senses, explore new flavors, enhance motor skills, experience community, and enjoy their tasty culinary creations.  Parent/caregiver participation required.



for ages 2-4

Tots Can Cook is our original cooking class series. Kids cook up an exciting new recipe each week (everything from Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes to Kale Caesar Salad). Join us every week, or register for a drop-in.


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for ages 2-6

A weekday lunch that's fun for the kids and easy for you. Our classic menus are sure to go down easy, especially since everything tastes better when you make it yourself! 



for ages 2-99

In these all ages cooking classes, adults and kids work side-by-side to make a meal, and then enjoy it together! It's the perfect combination of a fun activity, hands-on cooking instruction, a delicious dinner, and recipes so you can recreate the dishes at home.

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